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The Wheel of Life, Archetypal Themes as Maps for the Soul


How do we live a Sacred Life? By finding the Flow that exists all around us, known as archetypes. Just as the baby sea turtle knows what to do at the moment of birth in order to live, each of us know how to live in a manner which honors Inner and Outer Nature. That knowing, or Gnosis, has been forgotten. Life is designed to awaken us to our True Selves. This design requires a commitment to the journey of self-discovery. The journey becomes the goal, and self-discovery is the joyful fruit of one's efforts. Discovering the archetypes, or "ancient patterns" that exist in our individual and collective lives provides the maps needed for this journey. This four week component of the Living the Sacred Life series will focus on the following topics:

Day One, Morning: Archetypal maps exist in many forms such as the Tarot and Astrology. The oldest known map is the I Ching (Yee Jing), existing from prehistorical China which began 5000 years ago. Tonight's lecture will introduce the 64 archetypal patterns of the I Ching, known as hexagrams or Kua. The participant will learn how to divine guidance from the yarrow stalk method. Jung's theory of synchronicity will be discussed as a scientific explanation for this method of seeking guidance. The I Ching will then be consulted in a practical demonstration of the yarrow stalk method.
Day One, Afternoon: In the 1930s Jung wrote that if contemporary civilization did not rediscover the importance of the Feminine and integrate this archetype into our lives there would be no hope for the existence of humanity. Jean Houston has offered that one of the most significant events that makes this period in history unique is the emergence and honoring of the Feminine. The archetype of the Mother will be discussed with its psychospiritual implications. A particular emphasis will be placed on the Black Mother, Kali, and the wisdom She offers us.

Day Two, Morning: A significant effect of honoring the Feminine is the recognition that we cannot live a Sacred Life apart from honoring Mother Earth, known as Gaia. The theory of Lovelock and Margulis that the earth is a living organism will be discussed. A program designed by one of the Grandfathers of the Ecology movement, John Milton, will be described. The seven principles of this program, Sacred Passage, will be used as an archetypal map for healing the split between Inner and Outer Nature. The speaker will use stories from his own experiences in solitude on Sacred Passage as living examples of this invariant method for healing and self-discovery.
Day Two, Afternoon: As our series on Living the Sacred Life comes to a close, we will discuss the Archetype of the Way. Using images from Taoism, the Native traditions of the Medicine Wheel, and Jung's descriptions of the Transcendent Function, or the Archetype of the Self, we leave our series with new understanding and direction of the Path that awaits us leading to the Pearl of Great Price.

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