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Myths, Life's Universal Language


How do we live a Sacred Life? As Dr. Jean Houston has offered, how do we move from living our story to being part of the larger story that is going on all around us. We have focused on dream work as a means of connecting to the inner mystery that is a source of wisdom. Now we move into looking at how our beliefs and behaviors are shaped by the myths of being human. Jung has left us with the question of "Whose myth are you living?" We will look at the influence of our individual myths, the family and cultural myths, and the Great Myths that are the foundation of our Being.

Day One, Morning: An introduction to the language of mythology as messages from the collective soul of humanity. This Wisdom Literature captures core truths and values about the human quest, but, more importantly, offer guidance on how to heal the split between Inner and Outer Nature that is the source of so much human suffering. Using the 12th Century myth of Tristan and Iseult we will begin to explore the Myth of Relationships in modern times.
Day One, Afternoon: As we continue to explore the Myth of Relationships, we will focus on our individual myths and the source from which they come. Come prepared to explore your own story within small groups. Leave this evening with some greater awareness of choice about what myth you will live from this point forward.

Day Two, Morning: "That's not the way we do it in our family!" may be a phrase that you remember from childhood. Whether it was said orally or not, the messages were given. The influences of family and culture cannot be ignored if one seeks clarity and self-understanding. Individuation demands a nonjudgmental and nondefensive review of the family story as a means of self-discovery. Learn the techniques used in family therapy to re-cognize these influences in your own drama.
Day Two, Afternoon: In preparation for the final component on the Archetypal influences that guide us, we will look at the Great Myths that give us hope and sustain us in the Dark Night of the Soul. Religion has become synonymous with the institutions for many. Religio, in it's Latin beginnings, meant that which revealed the Noumena, that which is beyond the senses but is always present for those who have eyes to see. Learn to draw upon this Wisdom Literature as a map for the soul's journey back to True Source.

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